Southwest Creations Launches Pilot Program in Albuquerque Public Schools

The 2012-2013 school year marks the launch of Hacia la Universidad in Albuquerque Public Schools (HU in APS), an innovative four-year pilot program guided by Southwest Creations Collaborative’s time-tested parent engagement and college readiness programs.

HU in APS aims to improve academic achievement, high school graduation rates, and college attendance among Latino youth by implementing proven strategies in school engagement, intergenerational college preparation, and health care access. The initiative, funded by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, is a collaborative among Southwest Creations, Dr. Veronica Plaza of the University of New Mexico’s Department of Family and Community Medicine and Albuquerque Public Schools.

“We are proud and excited to launch Southwest Creations’ most successful program to more families in our community,” said Jessica Aranda, Southwest Creations’ Program Director.

Approximately 300 English and Spanish-speaking Latino families at Albuquerque High School, Washington Middle School and Reginald Chavez Elementary School will be enrolled in the pilot program. The program will implement training for families and school staff, improve educational and health outcomes for families, and enhance the college and career counselor and school-based health center models within each school.

Southwest Creations has an ongoing partnership with APS and is recognized as a valuable resource for the district due to our pioneering and highly effective programs. Over the past few years we have trained over 60 APS staff members and helped integrate practical and effective techniques that promote multiculturalism and cultural competency among educators.

“Our collaboration with APS means more families in Albuquerque will benefit from this amazing model that we’ve crafted over 18 years,” said Aranda.

Please be sure to check in with Southwest Creations’ website, Facebook and Twitter pages for updates on the pilot program.