Que sigan proporcionando estos talleres con esta información que es muy importante.
— Hacia Parent
College is not just a distant dream for them, it is their goal.
— Hacia Mentor

Hacia: Toward the University
Our proven K-12 college readiness strategy

Hacia: Toward the University (Hacia) is Southwest Creations’ vehicle to apply our best practices to impact a much greater number of families in addition to those we employ in our market-driven enterprise. This two-generation family engagement program inspires and supports whole families as they navigate the pipeline from Pre-K to higher education.

Hacia builds an intergenerational culture of engagement and lifelong learning that is sometimes lacking in families with low levels of formal education. For vulnerable children, this translates to family support for reading and other home learning activities and improved school attendance, key indicators for academic achievement, high school graduation and first generation college attendance. 

We completed a 4-year pilot of Hacia in Albuquerque Public Schools in May of 2016 by engaging 310 families in building skills, systems literacy, and social capital to attain educational goals. The Hacia pilot achieved a 98% high school graduation and 95% college attendance rate.  

Hacia is building upon our successful momentum and expanding our reach to engage over 600 families.