Southwest Creations Receives Women's Sufficiency Grant

The United Way of Central New Mexico’s Women in Philanthropy recently awarded Southwest Creations Collaborative a $55K Women’s Self-Sufficiency Grant. The grant will help us address the multiple barriers that low-income women experience while securing full-time employment. Specifically, the grant will help additional employees study for and pass their GED exam, and enhance their employability by improving their teamwork, organization and language skills.

Southwest Creations’ Board President Melecita Archuleta helped lead the Women in Philanthropy’s site visit, which influenced the committee’s decision to fund 100 percent of our request. Additionally, Flor Lopez, Southwest Creations’ Leadership Development Manager, made a moving presentation on our strengths and past achievements as indicators for our future success.

“Working with the United Way has been an engaging, positive collaboration and we’re very happy about our on-going relationship,” said Susan Matteucci, Southwest Creations’ Executive Director.