Southwest Creations' Case Study Featured on the Aspen Institute's Beyond Pinstripes' Website

Southwest Creations Collaborative – Case A, Case B, and Instructor’s Manual by Dr. Jeanne Logsdon of the University of New Mexico’s Anderson School of Business was recently published in the Case Study Journal and featured on the Aspen Institute’s Beyond Grey Pinstripes website.

The two cases stretch through the life of SCC, from its inception in 1994 through the middle of 2008. Case (A) covers the initial formation of the organization in 1994 from the perspective of the founder and executive director, and leads to a decision point regarding a possible relationship with a social venture consulting group in 2005. Case (B) begins where Case (A) ends, and concludes with decisions in 2008 about whether to expand the business in order to become more economically self-sufficient and less reliant on grants and donations, and whether to increase its impact by marketing its approach to employee social programs to local companies and other organizations.