Gisel Breceda, College Transitions Project Facilitator

Gisel was raised in Estancia, New Mexico. She’s is a first generation college student and first generation Mexican-American. She completed her Bachelors of Business Administration with concentrations in Marketing and Accounting at the University of New Mexico in December of 2017.

While at the University of New Mexico, Gisel worked as a New Student Orientation Leader for incoming freshman students. She also spent three years working for her family’s construction business in Albuquerque and Denver.

Office: 505-247-8559

I am incredibly happy to have been given the opportunity to work for Hacia. As a first generation college student, I too faced struggles as a High School Senior transitioning into university. Neither of my parents completed high school but luckily my older sister who was attending the University of New Mexico as well was able to guide me through the college application process. I look forward to being that same guide for students across Albuquerque.
— Gisel Breceda